With SalonWings, day-to-day salon and spa operations are automated and easy to use. In turn, client satisfaction, loyalty, and sales increase.

Secure hosted Internet cloud technology provides almost unlimited power and flexibility – in one affordable, easy-to-use salon software application. The future of salon management is Simply SalonWings! The best salon software on the market!
Below we’ve provided a list of our most frequently asked SalonWings Management Software questions. Click on the question to get your answer.

🔹What equipment do I need to use SalonWings?
SalonWings is cloud-based, so you just need any device (phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computers) that connects to the internet.

🔹What makes cloud-based software different?
SalonWings Salon Software is centrally located in the cloud on highly secure, state-of-the-art servers. With SalonWings, you are subscribing to a service, so you and your staff simply access the software on the internet. We are responsible for maintaining the entire system, so there's no software for you to buy, no server in your salon or spa, and no maintenance or hassle. You are free to access your information anytime from virtually anywhere. With a hosted system, you get the most powerful, flexible salon/spa management software available today without significant upfront investment or maintenance headaches.

🔹Why is a cloud-based system so much more powerful?
The large volume data handling capacity of SalonWings's cloud servers allows sorting capabilities, huge databases, email marketing, and other programs that would be cost prohibitive to most salon or spa owners in a locally-installed application. A hosted system allows SalonWings to integrate easily with other internet-based solutions to bring the most value to your business without significant investment.

🔹What if my internet connection goes down?
Every major business in the world relies on the internet to conduct business, and all internet service providers ensure dependable availability. Utilizing the same technology used by financial and commercial institutions, you can rest assured that your data is safe in the event of a power or internet failure. In-house or locally installed applications are far more likely to have downtime problems and data loss. In the unlikely event that the primary internet connection goes down at your salon or spa, there are multiple options. First and foremost, you can always access SalonWings directly on your phone or through the SalonWings App. As a backup, you can purchase a cellular link card or even use your phone as an internet hotspot for your tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Additionally, you may have wireless Wi-Fi capabilities in your location that can be utilized. Remember, SalonWings access isn’t restricted to the computer at your front desk. We can advise you of alternate options that would work best for you, in your environment.

🔹What about system security?
Security is a top priority for SalonWings. That's why each subscriber account is a separate entity that is protected by a security code and a password. Absolutely no other subscriber can access your salon or spa data. When an authorized user accesses the system, there are further levels of security clearance and each person has access only to the information necessary for their job. If an employee leaves, their password becomes invalid, and the system will not respond. SalonWings maintains the highest safeguards against viruses, hackers, and loss of information with the same SSL certified protection used in online banking.

🔹What does centralized data do for multiple salon locations?
Each salon or spa in a group or chain generates its own operational data (such as appointments, client records, employee records, inventory usage, income, etc.) and has no access to data for another salon or spa. However, some or all of this data may be accessed and pooled at a central location to enable centralized oversight, shared resources, or call center abilities for scheduling, marketing, inventory, etc. It’s all made possible because SalonWings is a centralized, web-based application.

🔹What about system support and maintenance?
For the user, SalonWings is virtually maintenance-free, as there's no server or software in your salon or spa. SalonWings is your own personal IT department, maintaining the system at a central server so you can concentrate on managing your business. Should you ever need to report a technical problem, we don't talk you through a "fix" and hope you've done it correctly; we fix the issue at the source. On the other hand, if you have an application problem or question, we're here to discuss it with you in plain English, and we'll gladly work with you one on one until it's resolved.

🔹What about multiple computers within one salon?
A salon location with computers at multiple workstations requires only one internet connection. Most internet service providers offer a wireless option that will allow several computers to communicate over one internet connection. An alternative is to install a simple router to enable multiple computers to access the same internet connection. However, multiple salon locations require one internet connection per location with no limit on the number of networked computers at each site.

🔹How are upgrades handled?
Upgrades are applied by us at the central server and are immediately available free to all subscribers. That means no installation hassles, no additional fees, and no downtime. Your SalonWings application is always technologically up to date without buying or installing new software. For those who have opted to download the locally-installed phone app, notices from Apple Store or Google Play will indicate when an update is available for download. Even with the app, updates are always free.

🔹What is Online Client Scheduling?
With Online Client Scheduling (OCS) the client makes his/her own appointments by accessing the salon or spa website, social media or mobile web app anytime, on any device and anywhere with an internet connection. Each client has access to his/her data only, with salon-authorized individual logins and passwords. The client may schedule or check their own appointments, view their service and product history, and even check gift card balances. Your busy clients will greatly appreciate the 24/7 convenience.